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John-Eric Johnson

As a ceramic artist, I am constantly inspired by the versatility and beauty of a grogged stoneware clay body. Stoneware's durability allows me to create pieces that can withstand daily use and be enjoyed for years to come. Its earthy aesthetic adds warmth and character to my ceramic creations, enhancing their visual appeal.


Through my work, I strive to blend functionality with artistic expression. I believe that everyday objects can transcend their utilitarian purpose and become objects of beauty. By elevating the ordinary into something extraordinary, I hope to bring joy and inspiration to those who use my ceramics.


African and Japanese art greatly inspire my creative process. From African tribal pottery to Japanese tea bowls, I am captivated by their rich artistic traditions. 


The fascination with organic forms and imperfections is another aspect of my work. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for me. I am particularly intrigued by the way nature shapes and creates its own unique and imperfect forms. I strive to capture this essence in my ceramics, embracing the beauty of irregularities and celebrating the imperfect.


Overall, as a ceramic artist, I am passionate about working with stoneware and incorporating organic forms, imperfections, and influences from African and Japanese art into my creations. This allows me to craft functional yet artistic pieces that reflect my love for the tactile qualities of clay, the beauty of nature, and the traditions that have shaped and influenced ceramic art throughout history.

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