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Fiona Athanassaki

My paintings combine various approaches and explore colour and effects of light in different environments. I use the interaction, contrasts and textures of various media (water colour, acrylics, oils) to consider the result. The continuing exploration of different materials is an integral part of my practice.

I like to paint on different surfaces from prepared gesso ground, canvas and also on to a range of papers and use the base to review and influence the outcome. Transparency is generated with water colour and also the use of glazes to bring a layered depth to my work. The size of the works vary from large canvases to quite small ones.

My background as a decorative artists has given me the skills to include traditional techniques in my practice such as water gilding and I often make my own tempera paints with pigment and egg. 

I’m very interested in how nature still thrives in urban spaces and have completed a series of paintings showing the juxtaposition of wildlife living within the city.

I often paint  ‘en plein air’ to experience the immediate environment, the changing of the seasons and variations in my surroundings.

Most of my influences are derived from the landscapes of the Mediterranean, its rich vibrant colours, Sussex where I grew up and Cornwall with its rugged coastline and clear light.


Recent exhibitions have included shows at the No Format Gallery, London. I am a member of the Greenwich Open Studios and my studio practice is at Thames Side Studios, Woolwich.

My work is in the collection of many private buyers in the UK and overseas.

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