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Deirdre Ellis

Deirdre is a painter and sculptor who grew up in Canada but who has lived in London for many years.  Her artistic influences reflect her deep connections to both countries.  


As an Occupational Therapist, educated at the University of Toronto, Deirdre saw how important art could be in psychiatric treatment. When she retrained in the UK as a teacher working with children with learning disabilities she saw again how art opened avenues of communication.  Deirdre soon became more involved with her own art.  She studied with a prominent local sculptor and then taught art and continued to evolve as a painter and sculptor. Her sculptures are created in clay and then cast in bronze resin. Her paintings and very successful goat sculptures are in private collections in Ireland, France, Canada and the Philippines.


Deirdre has been inspired by Canada's Group of Seven, and by innovative landscape painters in the UK, like David Tress.  She carries a sketchbook and watercolours whenever she travels although her final paintings are in

oil.  Deirdre is interested in capturing nature on the cusp.  She uses abstract elements to give her paintings a particular vitality, a sense of the moment, and her vibrant colour mixing reflects nature's power to surprise and invigorate the senses.


Deirdre Ellis exhibits locally and online.  She is a member of Greenwich Open Studios and The Blackheath Art Society.

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