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Chris Moody

Chris Moody grew up in South London. Painting and drawing were his first love. An ordained Anglican priest, now retired, he kept up his artistic practice throughout his career and joined Greewich Open Studios when he Vicar of St Alfege,. Much of his work is inspired by buildings as reminders of different histories as well as objects reflecting light and dark and being reflected. He started printmaking about fifteen years ago, beginning with monoprints and moving on to etching and linocuts. In 2022 he became a member of Greenwich Printmakers. He is a keyholder at Thames-side Print Studios and has exhibited in the Leicester City Open, the Fishslab Gallery, Whitstable, and annually in Greenwich Open Studios and the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.


Memory plays a big part in his work: ‘emotion recollected in tranquillity’ as Wordsworth put it. Love of the river from Greenwich to the estuary, memories of holidays in Wales as a child, early travels as a student in the Middle East, Egypt and Turkey all play a part. The gap between his first encounters with many of these places and a continuously moving present, make many of the images a form of emotional archaeology, probing new insight out of old experiences. Travelling as close to the ground as possible continues to be a source of inspiration as he attempts to recapture some of the sense of wonder with which these scenes first seized his imagination.

Instagram: chrismoodyart

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